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Organizations of all kinds face an array of security threats - and must react quickly with limited IT resources. To address these threats MASC Data Systems offers security solutions for specific business needs such as networking, site-to-site communications, telecommuting, POS transactions, email or secure Web sites. MASC Data Systems offers solutions that are specifically designed to meet the objectives of today's Internet-connected business.

Your network is only as secure as it’s weakest link. MASC Data Systems specializes in helping businesses assess their network for vulnerabilities, then integrate and manage a complete security solution by protecting against internal and external network threats. With the number of security threats on the rise, network security has become an essential part of maintaining the privacy and integrity of an organization.

MASC Data Systems can help you defend your network against attacks by implementing preventative security solutions. Multi-layered UTM solutions enable organizations to deploy broader and better-coordinated security countermeasures easily and efficiently. However, many UTM options offer only a baseline of core traditional security tools (e.g., stateful packet inspection firewall, IPSec VPN, intrusion detection/prevention and anti-virus capabilities), although some solutions may also incorporate anti-spyware and content filtering.

To get the advanced security tools you'll need today and tomorrow, including SSL VPN, secure wireless, comprehensive anti-spam and application filtering, you would still need to add, deploy and manage separate appliances, all of which runs counter to the philosophy of seamless protection and efficient management benefits of consolidation.

Now SonicWALL overcomes the limitations of these other UTM offerings and the challenges of multiple point solutions by consolidating all critical advanced features onto a single high-speed, Reassembly-Free Deep Packet Inspection™ platform, providing sophisticated protection for both the enterprise and SMB.

MASC Data Systems can design a high-performance security solution customized to fit your specific business needs today and extending into the future.

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